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  1. I had a double trepan in 2008 after a sub-arachnoid haematoma caused by a burst brain aneurysm. A lot of pressure was relieved and I recovered very well.

  2. Thanks for your post. Haematoma or bleeding beneath the skull bone is probably the most commonly medically prescribed use for trepanation. If you could possibly give more details regarding the surgery it would be helpful to our readers. I mean details like the location where the trepanations were done, the size of the openings and whether the holes were sealed up again. A photo would also be interesting. What is your evaluation of your life after the surgery considering that it’s been about 8 years. Has your performance level changed noticeably? Do you have headaches? What is your energy level like as compared to previously? Of course the surgery saved your brain and perhaps your life but putting that aside do you sense any other pluses or minuses that you’d care to comment on.

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